Cctv: You Are Being Watched, No Matter Where You Are

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Like most businesses, the video surveillance sector tends to centralize and consolidate its systems to reduce costs and take advantage of new upgraded technology. This article discusses the advantages of an unexpected jump that could cause the premature obsolescence of Digital Video Recorders in the security industry. IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, enables all business systems like access control, fire alarm, phone, and computers to operate under one network. Video transmission over a network utilizes what is known as a virtual matrix as opposed to CCTV matrix switches. To visualize the difference, think of the difference between the portable CD players people used to carry to play one album at a time and the iPods now in fashion that can store hundreds of thousands of songs.

To battle this problem and prevent any such occurrence many of us have tried various security systems that have come into the market, which claim that they are absolutely foolproof. Despite their assurances a month later we see that the supposedly 'foolproof' system is as useless as any other. It is here that the CCTV systems prove their real worth. They may not ring any alarms or gongs or electrocute the intruder, but they keep them away with the threat of exposing them.

Some of these CCTV systems work in tandem with burglar alarms. The moment a CCTV camera notices an intrusion or unusual movement, especially in the absence of owners, it triggers off alarm.

Some outlaws may be brave enough to violate a property even if a set of CCTV camera is installed. But the thing is, they really do not have an idea of the range a camera can cover. A standard camera can range up to 20 meters long, and a high-resolution camera can actually cover up to 60 meters or 80 meters. That is what you can take advantage from. Some cameras cover very wide angle while others have the ability to pan to up to 360 degrees, tilt to up to 180 degrees and zoom to up to 30x its normal view. There are cameras that may be disguised. Spy cameras on the other hand come in small and easy-to-hide sizes. These types usually come with two way audios that make spying even more fun.